A Beautiful Chapter is Ending
One Atlantic Events is Closing

To say we are heartbroken that One Atlantic Events is Closing would be an understatement.  We have been capturing weddings there for over a decade, and they’ve become like family to us!  One Atlantic Events was one of those venues that just took your breath away from the moment you stepped off of the elevator.  One Atlantic was the epitome of luxury and elegance with a stunning view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean!  Plus, they had some of the most amazing wedding planners and staff around!

The Iconic One Atlantic Events is Closing its Doors

As Ryan and I walked through the pier on Sunday, about to photograph a proposal at One Atlantic, we were reminising about the times when the pier was full of life!  There were luxury shops, amazing dining and people everywhere! Over the years, the shops in the pier started to dwindle, and soon after, the restaurants followed.  We questioned how much longer One Atlantic would survive as the only staple in the pier.

Little did we know that the Proposal we were about to capture would be the last event ever at One Atlantic. When we walked in, we were greeted with a smile, but then we were given the sad news that One Atlantic is closing. The staff did everything they could to try to continue the magic and plan the most beautiful weddings for amazing couples, but it wasn’t enough.  One Atlantic Events was given the news that they are to close their doors on November 30, 2021, with many hopes that maybe someday, those doors will re-open! For all the effected couples, One Atlantic thankfully highly recommended purchasing wedding insurance. We hope that this will help each of these couples to get their money refunded and start to re-plan their dream weddings!

One Atlantic was an independently owned and operated venues that sits on top of the The Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The wedding venue is 100 yards above the Atlantic Ocean and offers 100,000 square feet of space.  The floor-to-ceiling windows allowed you to see the gorgeous beach below and the breathtaking skyline.  We’ve had the opportunity to capture so many gorgeous sunsets out on their balcony, fireworks throughout the summer and so many different kinds of events and weddings!  From cocktail receptions, to Jewish Orthodox weddings, to large, exuberant Russian weddings, to small and intimate micro-weddings, we’ve seen it all and captured SO MUCH LOVE!!

We’re really hoping that this is just the end of a chapter for One Atlantic Events, and a new buyer will come along, fall in love, and re-open the iconic wedding and events venue!  For now, here is a stroll down memory lane, of all the events that we were lucky enough to capture at One Atlantic Events over the last ten years!

Our very last event was captured today, a beautiful proposal!  Congratulations Jonathan and Brittani, we’re so happy for you!!!!