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Tribeca New York City Engagement

Ilyssa & Jon

A glimpse into why Ilyssa & Jon chose to have a New York City Engagement. Well, NYC truly means so much to Ilyssa & Jon!  In the very beginning of their relationship, Jon moved from Philadelphia to New York City to live with Ilyssa. They started in a small studio apartment and then upgraded to a legit one-bedroom right before the pandemic began.  They spent so much time together, as well as outside exploring their neighborhood. During this time, they fell more and more in love with each other.

So, when the time came to plan their engagement session, it was a no-brainer that they wanted it to be back where it all began! (They live in the Philadelphia area now) We decided to stroll around Tribeca, and capture the essence of their relationship in these photos.  We began on Greenwich St and then wandered down towards Duane Park.  Of course, we stopped by the Staple Street Sky Bridge along the way.  We then ended our time together on Pier 26 at sunset! We loved spending time with them, getting to know them more, and seeing why they love each other so much!

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Capturing New York City engagement photos is an enchanting experience that combines the allure of iconic landmarks with the intimate essence of love. From the cobblestone streets of Tribeca to the vibrant energy of Soho, each location offers a unique backdrop for immortalizing the love shared between two individuals. 

Venturing towards Pier 26, overlooking the Hudson River, couples are embraced by the tranquil beauty of the waterfront, creating a serene backdrop that echoes the tranquility of their love. The juxtaposition of the city skyline against the gentle waves of the river evokes a sense of romance that is both timeless and enchanting. Central Park, with its sprawling greenery and iconic landmarks such as Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge, offers a picturesque setting that exudes romance at every turn. Strolling hand in hand beneath the canopy of trees or stealing a kiss by the shimmering lake, couples are enveloped in a world of natural beauty and serenity, capturing moments of pure intimacy and affection.

In the heart of New York City, amidst the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, capturing engagement photos becomes a journey of discovery and adventure. From the romantic charm of Tribeca to the vibrant energy of Times Square, each location offers its own unique blend of romance, fun, and picturesque beauty, ensuring that every moment captured is a testament to the enduring love shared between two individuals.