New York City Battery Park Surprise Proposal!
Surprise Proposal at Battery Park New York City

Ryan met Rocco many moons ago when they were both going to Rowan University and they have kept in touch ever since!  So, when Rocco confided in Ryan that he purchased an engagement ring for Kait, Ryan KNEW that I would want to be there – front and center capturing that moment!  So, for the past week, we have been planning the PROPOSAL around their upcoming trip to New York City, and with the help of A Garden Party Florist, we were able to pull everything off without a hitch!

Now, since Rocco graduated from Rowan, he has rocked the adult world and has moved his way up within one of my favorite places… Target! So, this big shot who runs his own stores just so happens to be able to thank said store for introducing him to Kait!  These two are so incredibly adorable together, and clearly meant to be!  The love and laughter and joy is so refreshing!  We could not be happier for a more perfect couple (and their fur-daughter Sage!!)

Congratulations Rocco and Kait!!  It was an honor capturing this moment in your unbreakable love story! <3 xoRocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0001 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0004 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0006 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0009 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0010 So, funny story… as Rocco and Kait are walking up, Kait was thinking “Awh…thats sad”… Why you may ask?  Well, when she saw the flower petals, she thought that there was a memorial set up for someone who died… Well, that is until she realized the photos were of the two of them!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0012 Rocco pointing to a burlap scroll that was placed out, from their pup Sage…Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0017 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0018 The scroll read “Will you marry my Dad? Love, Sage”Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0022 I started to tear up as soon as he started to get down on one knee!!! Eeeeeeeeee!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0025 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0031 Her reaction is PRICELESS!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0035 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0036 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0043 So excited!!!!!!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0048 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0055 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0061 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0068 Gotta have some champagne to celebrate!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0079 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0090 That ring! My heart! Rocco did GOOD!!!! <3Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0091 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0093 All the laughter!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0094 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0097 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0100 A few obligatory photos after she said YES!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0102 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0107 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0109 Love this one!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0116 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0117 … and then they were off… because Rocco being the sweet fiancé that he is, had a limo waiting for them at the hotel to take them home!! <3  Congratulations you two!  We could not be more thrilled/honored/flattered/etc to have been a part of such a special moment!  Cant wait to capture more of these moments in the future for you!  Love you!! <3Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0123