Washington Lake Park Fall Engagement Photography!
Stephanie + Rick!

These two lovebirds met a little over four years ago… in a bar! Rick was with someone that Stephanie had gone to high school with, they hit it off right away, and he spent the next four years visiting her up at Rider University almost every weekend!

This past April is when Rick proposed!  he had been planning to propose for a while, but wanted to wait until they were at the beach, because he knew is was Stephanie’s favorite place.  Well, they were on vacation in Virginia Beach, and that is when it happened! <3

They both love the woods, and the woodsy-feel, so we figured the perfect place would be Washington Lake Park for their engagement session!  We hope you enjoy the sneak peek! xoStephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0001 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0002 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0003 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0004 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0005 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0006 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0007 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0009 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0010 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0011 Stephanie-Rick-Washington-Lake-Park-Engagement-Photography-0012