A Cecil Creek Farm Engagement Session!
A Beautiful Summer Engagement at Cecil Creek Farm | Alyssa & Gary

What is better than being in Disney World for Senior Trip? A chance meeting with the person that you ultimately going to spend the rest of your life with! Alyssa and Gary have been together on and off for the past 13 years. Gary finally proposed right before Christmas last year!

A little snippet from their wedding website, here is how it all went down:

Alyssa’s birthday is one day before Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, she had to work, but she lucked out! They weren’t busy, so they decided to close early. Alyssa pushed up the time she was going meet with her coworkers, but when she arrived home, Gary had different plans. He invited her family and his parents over! As everyone was arriving, Alyssa was excited because she was thinking how thoughtful it was to have everyone over. Alyssa really didn’t think anything of it, just that she felt so loved and blessed. Alyssa thought Gary was helping to make her day, because she was sad it was another birthday that she was not celebrating with her mother.

After a little while, Gary’s brother arrived because he claimed he wanted cake, and so they sang to her. After Alyssa blew out the candles, everyone was still standing with their cameras in front of their faces. Alyssa looked confused and asked what was going on. As she turned to her right, there was Gary smiling down on one knee with an amazing wedding ring in a box. Alyssa broke down sobbing because she couldn’t believe he had FINALLY asked her. It was an amazing birthday to say the least!!

Alyssa and Gary planned their wedding for the Spring at Cecil Creek Farms. Since it is such a beautiful property, we also were able to capture their engagement photos there too!  Thank you to Lizzie for driving us around!  Can’t wait to capture their wedding there next year! xo