Gabrielle + Nicholas!

In the words of Nick, here is how their epic proposal happened…

“The engagement was fun, and everyone but Gabrielle was in on it.  I talked to her sister to have her and her friends have a “girls night” at the movies.  Meanwhile, I made a trailer for a movie that included a song that I wrote, different pictures, and convinced a movie theater to allow my trailer to be played. Little did she know, when she arrived for “girl’s night”, I was nervously waiting in the projection room for my proposal trailer to start.  After the trailer was rolling, and “Gabrielle Katrina, Will You Marry Me?” was on the screen, I walked down into the movie and proposed.”

Seriously? I mean, seriously?! How awesome, romantic and adorable is that?  You definitely cant say no to a proposal like that!! 🙂 Cant wait to capture their wedding next year at Vie!!

These two lovebirds like the old city feel – cobblestone roads, old brick buildings, etc so of course we met up in Old City Philadelphia for their engagement photos!! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! xo

Starting off the session with a shot.. Why not?!


Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0001 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0005There was sooo much laughter and love between these two!!

Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0009 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0012 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0013 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0014 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0015 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0016A little dancing in the streets!

Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0019 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0020 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0022 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0023 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0025This is actually Gabrielle’s grandmothers engagement ring – Swoon!!!

Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0026 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0027 Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0028We had a threat of rain but lucked out and some beautiful sun shined down on us!!

Gabrielle_Nicholas_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0029Kissing in the middle of the road blocking traffic? Yea, we like to live on the wild side sometimes.. haha! 🙂