J* Workshop!

After returning home from my childhood best friends wedding, I decided that I wanted to be a wedding photographer. This wasnt a dream I was going to pursue.  I was graduating from college with a Business/Human Resources degree, and that is what I was going to do.  I was going to join the corporate world, have a boring job, and live my life the way I thought I should.  That was until Ryan stepped in. He pushed me, and encouraged me and told me that if Wedding Photography was something I wanted to pursue, then that is just what I need to do.  I thank him every.single.day for pushing me to do what I truly wanted to do – and I’ve been living my dreams every day since!

During that summer, since I was engaged at the time, and planning a wedding in Southern California, I started researching wedding photographers in the Orange County area… That is when I came across Jasmine Star.  From that moment, my world changed.  She was honest.  She was inspirational.  She was beautiful both inside and out. And mostly, unbeknownst to her, she helped me to become the wedding photographer that I am today.

Almost 5 years after I stumbled upon her site, I saw that Jasmine was hosting a Workshop in Orange County, CA right after my birthday.  So, of course, I go to Ryan and said prettypleasewithsugarontopitcantotallybemybirthdaypresentprettyplease. He said yes, but it wasnt going to be my birthday present, it was going to be because I really wanted it – truthfully I’ve wanted to go every time she had a workshop, but this was the first time its actually worked with my schedule!

So, here I am, a week after the J* Workshop, still feeling so inspired and so excited to have met her and her amazing husband JD! To say her workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made would be an absolute understatement. She spoke to us with such honesty, with an open heart and we got down and dirty and I learned so much from just one day with her.  I am thankful for the knowledge that Jasmine shared with us.  I am thankful for all the friendships made with such amazing and talented photographers from all over the US and even Canada. I am thankful for that day.  Things are going to start changing, but all for the better!  Brides and grooms, watch out – its going to be a fabulous ride! Can’t wait to capture the fun, romance and everything that makes each of your weddings unique to each of you!

One of my favorite parts of the day was our photo shoot!  Jasmine had the absolutely adorable Erin and her hubby Grant model for us!  Erin is a wedding photographer in Orange County – but she could have fooled me – she could totally be a professional model! It was so adorable that Erin + Grants anniversary was actually the day prior to the shoot, so they were able to get some pretty amazing anniversary photos in her wedding dress! Special thanks to Melina from Beauty by Melina for Erin’s gorgeous hair and makeup, and Krista Jon for the beautiful florals as well as the tandem bike!!!  Absolutely blown away by the talent and awesomeness on that gorgeous August day in Irvine, CA.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day…

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0001Meet Erin.  Gorgeous, right?

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0003 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0006Meet Erin’s hubby Grant.  Such a dapper dude!

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0007 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0009 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0011Love the way he looks at her!

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0013The tandem bike from Krista Jon’s company Archive Rentals and florals on the bike by her as well!

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0014 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0015Jasmine Star doin’ her thang!

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0017 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0018I wish I could have a tandem bike at every wedding!

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0022 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0023 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0028 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0031 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0035 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0038In.love.

Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0041 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0043 Jasmine-Star-Workshop-Orange-County-Southern-California-Wedding-Photography-0046Ending with a shot of the two people who made the day so special – Jasmine + JD!  Aren’t they just the cutest together?!