Karen + Jeremy!

Well, Karen and Jeremy didnt disappoint!  They chose downtown Millville, New Jersey for their engagement!  Not only did they used to own a shop here, but that shop was where Jeremy proposed!  The other great thing is that, since they owned a business there, they got to know a lot of the local business owners which meant – lots of spots for us to take photos!!  It was awesome getting to know them, and we can’t wait to capture their wedding at Running Deer Golf Club at the end of the month!! Enjoy the sneak peek! xo

We started at the theater!

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0001Due to having a show that night, we just used the staircase for a few photos!

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0002Then to the art gallery…

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0003And an adorable restaurant!

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0004 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0006 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0009The way they smile at each other just gets me every time!!

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0010 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0011 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0013 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0014 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0015<3

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0017Gotta love the coffee shop/book store!  Too cute!

Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0018 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0019 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0020 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0021 Karen-Jeremy-Downtown-Millville-Engagement-Photography-0022

Ah!  Karen + Jeremy!!  Cant wait to see you both again in a couple weeks!!!