Kerry + Patrick!


They didnt really hang out while they were in college, they just kept bumping into each other over the years at parties and such… Until one night, Patrick invited Kerry out to karaoke with him and some friends, and well, they’ve been inseparable ever since! Kerry told me that she knew that they would get married after their very first kiss! They welcomed their son into the world in September 2011 and were engaged the following December!!

Here we are now capturing their engagement!  We had such a great time getting to know these two Totally Freakin’ Awesome (their words.. but totally true!) lovebirds!!  Cant wait to capture their wedding next year at Running Deer Golf Club!  For now, enjoy! xoKerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0002 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0005Swoon <3

Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0007Love this shot that Ryan captured through the trees… the wind blew at the perfect moment …

Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0008 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0009 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0013 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0017Work it girl!

Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0018 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0019 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0020 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0022 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0023 Kerry-Patrick-Longwood-Gardens-Engagement-Photography-0024The perfect sunset!!