Kim + Tim!

Tim thought of such a cute, memorable and personal way to propose!  Kim was away for the weekend in Sea Isle – so Tim decided to turn a closet in their basement into a wine cellar!!  When she came home, he had her check the closet (which was weird since they never really had anything in there) and she was so surprised and excited about the wine cellar that she never even saw the ring he attached to a bottle of wine! Tim had even planned it so that the spotlight in the cellar shined right on the bottle! haha!  Eventually she saw it – it was hanging from a 2006 (the year they met) bottle of Montes wine (which is his last name and soon to be hers!)  She obviously said Yes and I am sooo excited to capture their wedding this fall!!

What better way to celebrate their engagement and have photos other than at a winery?!  I hope you enjoy their Renault Winery engagement! xo

Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0004 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0006 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0009These two are soo cute together!!

Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0011 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0013So much love and laughter!

Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0015 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0017 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0019 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0021 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0022 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0023We headed over to the golf course for a few shots for Tim! 🙂

Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0025 Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0026<3

Kim_Tim_Renault_Winery_Engagement_Photography-0029Kim and Tim, it was sooo great getting to know you both and we cant wait for your wedding this October at the Camden County Boathouse!! xo