Lindsay + Chris!


Lindsay and Chris got engaged on September 29th, 2012 – which also happens to be her birthday! Chris had an artist draw characatures of them to make up for some terrible ones they had done in Florida. Little did Lindsay know, the artist was in on the whole thing and had drawn Chris proposing in the picture!!  How stinkin’ cute/romantic/memorable!!!

Lindsay + Chris are uber adorable together!  The way she laughs and the way he smiles at her is just so precious!  We are so thankful we were able to capture these two together this past weekend in Ocean City! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0002 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0004Love the little moments in between that we were able to capture!

Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0005 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0006 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0008Might be my favorite photo of these two lovebirds!

Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0012 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0014 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0017Meet their fur-babies Nas + Milo!

Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0020 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0021Since Lindsay is a dancer and Chris is a basketball player, they figured they would bring along some props to play with! Love!

Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0023 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0024 Lindsay_Chris_Ocean_City_Engagement-0026<3


Lindsay + Chris, we are so super excited to capture your wedding next year at The Grand Hotel in Cape May!! Its going to be so much fun! xo