Mallory + TJ!

TJ proposal to Mallory was absolutely unique and so thoughtful!  It was the one year anniversary of them buying their first home, and TJ took Mallory out to celebrate!  They started at the restaurant where they celebrated their one-year anniversary.  After dinner, they hopped into a cab and it dropped them off on a corner in the city – this is when TJ asked Mallory if she knew where they were.  They were standing on the corner where TJ first laid eyes on Mallory the night of their very first date. They then continued up the street to the bar where they had their very first date – where TJ proceeded to give Mallory some “home anniversary gifts”. As they were leaving, Nicole, Mallory’s best friend, texted them to stop over her house for some drinks on their way home…

They pulled up to Nicole’s house and started walking up, when TJ stopped Mallory and thanked her for being so special and reminiscing with him all evening.  Mallory then pointed out to him that they happened to be standing in the spot where TJ first told her that he loved her – and THAT was his cue…

He explained that it was no coincidence that they were there, and he dropped down to one knee asking her to be his wife… Meanwhile there are sounds of cameras clicking from the front porch behind them! Inside Nicole’s house were 30 of their closest friends and family to share in the occasion!!  Swoon-worthy right?!

TJ and Mallory met and fell in love in Philadelphia, so it was the perfect spot for their engagement photos!  We walked along Kelly Drive and enjoying getting to know these two and the awesome love they share!  Cant wait for their wedding in May!! xoMallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-1 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-2Love!!

Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-6 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-7 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-9 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-10I absolutely adore when couples bring props!! Love the picnic basket, wine and blanket!

Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-12 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-14 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-17 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-18 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-20 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-22So much love and laughter!

Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-24 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-27 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-31 Mallory-TJ-Kelly-Drive-Philadelphia-Engagement-Photography-34