Megan + Keith!


Keith decided to propose to Megan on the night of their housewarming party! All of their closest family and friends were there and he piled everyone in the living room and began thanking everyone for coming.  He then went into a speech about their relationship.  A few inside jokes and snide remarks later, he got down on one knee and opened up her great grandmothers wedding ring!!  He asked her to marry him and all she remembers is the entire house screaming! Tears were flowing and hugs and kisses were coming their way.  Megan said that it was by far the happiest moment of their lives and so glad they got to share it with everyone.  One of the coolest things is that Keith also gave her a screenshot of a voice recording of him asking her to marry him – they will have it framed with a screenshot of her response next to it : Yes!

We met up with these two and their adorable fur-babies at the Norristown Farm Park!  It is such a beautiful park and reminded then a lot of their wedding venue, so it was the perfect choice!  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of the awesomeness that is Megan + Keith!! xoMegan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0004Arent Emmie + Mason the cutest?!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0007 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0008Love this one!!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0011 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0016 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0020Yep, adorable!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0024 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0027 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0030 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0037 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0043 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0046Love all the laughter!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0051We then headed to a big field with a little more room to run and play!  Boy oh boy were we looking forward to this day since we first met with Megan and Keith and they mentioned their idea!!

Without further adieu … here is their holi powder fabulousness…

Her ring in the powder!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0052This is their “before” shot!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0053They got right into it!!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0057Well, since Megan doesnt want Keith to smash the cake in her face at the wedding, I think this is a brilliant substitute!! haha!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0059 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0062 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0064 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0066 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0071 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0073 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0078They look sooo awesome!!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0084 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0085Getting cleaned off! haha!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0091 Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0092Love her!

Megan_Keith_Norristown_Farm_Park_Holi_Powder_Engagement_Photography-0094The “after” photo!


Megan + Keith – there are no words!  We had such a great time with you both and can not wait to capture your wedding next year at the Normandy Farm Hotel!!