The Park Chateau : A Romantic, Fairy Tale Wedding Venue

For picturesque fairy-tale style weddings, one of my favorite venues is the Top NJ Wedding Venue – Park Chateau Estate and Gardens. As a photographer, I advise clients to choose a venue with a variety of beautiful elements that all fit a theme, and with the 15 acres of gardens and buildings, the Park Chateau really fits the bill.

About Park Chateau

The exterior of the Park Chateau looks like it’s been drawn straight from the pages of a European romance novel. Against the backdrop of this architecture, a good photographer can begin to set the theme of a princess arriving at a castle for a royal wedding. The grounds are fronted by wrought iron gates that make a fantastic frame, and the gates open on a view of the front fountain. In the winter, the water from the fountain freezes in a way that lends a magical air to the event, and to the photos. In addition to this, the exterior features plenty of nooks and crannies that are perfect for framing stolen rendezvous photos.

The decor at the Park Chateau is warm, rich, and French-inspired, with white and cream tones that set a perfect backdrop for either bright, light-filled daytime shots, or darker gleaming romantic evening shots. There is a wrought iron spiral staircase in the foyer and a series of grandly decorated rooms. Also, the bride and groom are assigned stunningly designed dressing suites that make for excellent preparation photos. The bride’s suite is full of lush white furniture, including a chaise lounge, and the groom’s suite features dark woods and warm leathers to calm and give the impression of a high-end cigar lounge.

Newly opened, the Park Chateau now has an on-premis hotel!  The Chateau Grande has luxurious, grand amenities and is the perfect place for all of your guests to stay, just steps from The Park Chateau!

The Park Chateau Chapel

The details are of course up to you, but most couples hold their actual services in the building or grounds of the chapel. Full of white paint and dark wood accents, the chapel at the Park Chateau is an intimate setting for wedding services. Heavy, iron-studded wooden doors open up to a small foyer and a view down the aisle to the altar where the services are held. White chairs border a flower-strewn aisle to walk. If an outdoor wedding is more your style, the chapel also offers well-tended terraced gardens that can facilitate an alfresco gathering.

The Park Chateau Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom at the Park Chateau offers a spacious and well-decorated great room perfect for hosting post-ceremony festivities. The large crystal chandeliers cast romantic light on the tables and dance floor. The central rotunda in the ceiling sweeps the eye up and brings soft light into the room. Here is where the catering staff at the Park Chateau really shines, as their thoughtfully decorated, gourmet food makes for a beautiful picture representing the largesse of the hosts.

In addition to all of these elements, the location of the Park Chateau is very central for all of your New England guests, and their experienced staff knows just how to get every detail of your wedding perfect. I have enjoyed working with these professionals and their work, along with the beautiful features of this property, make this venue perfect for a continental fairy-tale wedding.

Park Chateau Gardens

Master gardeners at the Park Chateau work tirelessly to ensure that their grounds and gardens are top-notch year-round. The most common garden used for pictures has paths that cross at right angles, leading to a center gazebo that is perfect for documenting a romantic kiss or recreating a proposal. There is also a lawn and garden that stretches along a pond with a picturesque fountain, perfect for strolling hand-in-hand or taking vignettes on a white bench nearby. At night time, the gazebo garden is well-lit, for more romantic portrait options.

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