Philadelphia Micro Wedding Photography

Philadelphia Micro Wedding : Sometimes, Less is More!

The world we live in today is much different than the world we were living in last year!  With this change, couples choosing to have a Philadelphia Micro Wedding is becoming more of the norm. If a smaller, still unique and still equally as stunning wedding sounds like a dream, then please reach out, because we’d love to capture every moment!


Micro Wedding vs. Elopement

Yes!  There is a difference!  

Philadelphia Micro Wedding

As the name suggests, a micro wedding is a smaller wedding with more of an emphasis on intimacy and experience with your closest family and friends.  A micro wedding normally has about 20-30 guests in attendance, and you get the opportunity to spend more quality time with each of them!

Couples that choose to have a micro wedding tend to focus more on the little details and allocating their budget towards the most important aspects of their day.

Your wedding may be smaller, but you should still get the wedding photos you’ve always dreamed of!  

renault winery micro wedding photography

Philadelphia Elopement

When I think of an elopement, the words secret, intimate, spur of the moment and romantic come to mind!

Traditionally elopements take place with out anyone elses knowledge. Just the couple and an officiant.  However, the more modern couples are taking some time to really make it personal, bring a photography team and capture a day that they’ve always dreamed of!

Whether you’re eloping at Philadelphia City Hall, on Sunset Beach in Cape May or any unique destination, we’d love to capture every moment. Want to take us on an adventure? We can explore an island, a mountain or any beautiful landscape you can imagine!

Philadelphia Micro Wedding : Make it an Experience!

While planning your Philadelphia micro wedding, will you be putting more meaningful touches into your day?  Why not include your guests in more of the experience?  While writing your own vows, write separate vows that your guests recite back to you, to hold you both accountable for the love that you share and to be by your sides through thick and thin.  Perhaps, include a number of your guests in the ceremony itself by reading a poem or special quote.  You might also think about having a handwritten note to each guest waiting for them at their place setting.  Since a Philadelphia micro wedding has a maximum of 30 guests, you’ll have only those closest to you in attendance, so it will be easier to personalize the experience for everyone involved!

Micro Wedding Photography Investment

Philadelphia Micro Wedding or Elopement

2 hours

Less than 2 hours of travel

2 Hours of Photography Coverage

2 Photographers – T&R

Online Gallery of Images

Digital Download of Images


Philadelphia Micro Wedding or Elopement

4 hours

Less than 2 hours of travel

4 Hours of Photography Coverage

2 Photographers – T&R

Online Gallery of Images

Digital Download of Images


Adventure Elopement

(hours to be determined)

More than 2 hours of travel

Travel charges additional

Photography Coverage TBD

2 Photographers – T&R

Online Gallery of Images

Digital Download of Images

Price: As Unique as Your Day

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Philadelphia Micro Wedding Venues

While planning your Philadelphia Micro Wedding, don’t hesitate to think outside of the box when it comes to location!  Since micro weddings are smaller, you have a wider variety of unique locations!  Just because your wedding is small, also doesn’t mean you can’t choose a Philadelphia wedding venue that is typically known for larger events either! While planning your Philadelphia micro wedding, you have to remember that the day is about the two of you and the love you share for each other!  So, make sure you choose a venue that truly showcases who you are as a couple!

Want a unique Philadelphia micro wedding venue?

Here are a few options:

A Local Brewery

The Library

An Art Gallery

A Coffee House

An Air BNB

A Private Yacht or Sailboat

A Rooftop

An Industrial Loft

Below are a few of our favorite Philadelphia Micro Wedding Venues!

The Park Chateau

park chateau micro wedding

Renault Winery

renault winery micro wedding

Trump National Golf Club

trump national micro wedding

Willow Creek Winery

willow creek winery micro wedding