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Jersey Shore Ocean City Proposal

Meghan & Calen

This Ocean City Proposal is a special one!

My cousin is engaged! Honored… Thrilled… Excited… So many emotions! We are so happy that Calen asked Meghan to be his wife!! I received a text from Calen about a month before, and just about burst when he asked me to capture him proposing to my cousin Meghan! It was about damn time! Although, leading up to the proposal, Meg did NOT make it easy on him. From being convinced it was happening… to being thrown off… to then unknowingly setting up a “family photo shoot” (which would turn into her ocean city proposal!)… there was a whirlwind of emotions and I hope they both enjoyed the ride to get to this exact moment! It was at 5:12 pm on Saturday, June 24, 2023 on the 25th Street Beach of Ocean City, NJ that Calen asked, and Meghan said Yes! We can’t wait for Calen to officially join our crazy family! Since family is so important, I “suggested” to them that we head down to the end of Ocean City for better sunset photos… and when they walked onto the beach, they were SURPRISED by so many family and friends that have become family – all there to celebrate them and their LOVE!!!!

Location: 25th St Beach, Ocean City, NJ

Calen asked Meghan to be his girlfriend on 25th St in Ocean City, Maryland – So, it was only fitting that he asked her to be his wife on 25th St in Ocean City, New Jersey!


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Choosing Ocean City, NJ for a surprise proposal is like selecting the perfect setting for a romantic fairytale to unfold. Nestled along the Jersey Shore, Ocean City boasts pristine beaches, charming boardwalks, and stunning ocean views, making it an idyllic backdrop for a momentous occasion like a proposal. 

Ocean City’s picturesque scenery offers numerous spots for a surprise proposal, from the sandy shores at sunrise or sunset to the iconic boardwalk adorned with twinkling lights. Whether it’s a private moment by the water’s edge or a grand gesture in a bustling public space, the beauty of Ocean City enhances the romance of the occasion.

In such a breathtaking setting, capturing an Ocean City proposal through photography becomes essential. A skilled photographer can immortalize the raw emotions, the nervous anticipation, and the sheer joy of the moment as it unfolds. The photographs not only serve as a precious memento for the couple but also allow them to share their joy with friends and family who may not have been present.

Having a photographer discreetly document the ocean city proposal adds an extra layer of magic to the occasion. It allows the couple to relive the moment again and again, cherishing each captured expression and reaction. Furthermore, professional photographs ensure high-quality images that can be cherished for a lifetime, preserving the memory in exquisite detail.