sunrise ocean city engagement photography

Jersey Shore Ocean City Engagement

Marisa & Alex

Marisa & Alex chose to have their Ocean City Engagement session while they were visiting Marisa’s family back home in New Jersey over July 4th weekend.

Rewind a few years, Alex and Marisa met while Marisa was living in Iowa, going to college to become a chiropractor. Their first date was mini golf, followed by dates at the fair, and eventually adopting a puppy together!

Marisa had later moved back home to New Jersey to start her own chiropractor practice, which is when we met her. She is amazing at what she does! However, she didn’t quite make it a year, because she missed Alex, and I can’t blame her! She decided to move back to Iowa for love!!! A few months after moving back to the midwest, Alex proposed!

We were so honored that Marisa asked us to capture their Ocean City engagement photos while they were home visiting family that summer! We started at sunrise! And gosh, as the sun rises, its golden rays cast a warm glow over them and the ocean, enhancing the natural beauty of the scene and infusing it with a sense of magic and romance.

Location: Ocean City Fishing Pier

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Ocean City, NJ, stands as a picturesque canvas for moments of love and commitment, making it an ideal setting for ocean city engagement photography. Here, amidst the serene expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, every sunrise paints the sky with a symphony of hues, offering a breathtaking backdrop for capturing the essence of love at its dawn.

The allure of Ocean City’s fishing pier adds a unique charm to engagement photography sessions. Stretching gracefully into the ocean, it provides a romantic setting where couples can share intimate moments against the backdrop of gently crashing waves and the distant horizon. 

Moreover, Ocean City’s pristine beaches offer endless possibilities for creative and romantic photo shoots. From playful moments in the surf to serene walks along the shore, every frame tells a story of love and togetherness against the backdrop of sun-kissed sands and azure waters.