We’re Expecting!

I can not even begin to express how excited we are to add a new member to our family! Yes, we may already have two babies – but since they walk on all fours and are covered in fur, once our human baby arrives, I’m sad to say that people might think I’m a bit crazy if I still refer to Bella and Cooper as my babies too.  I’m sure I still will, but I can’t help it! Bella captured our hearts five years ago and Cooper two years ago and I couldn’t imagine our lives without them (and hopefully our new baby will feel the same!)

Its been such a crazy journey to get to where we are today filled with happiness, hope, heartbreak, tons of worry, and happiness renewed…  It was this month last year in 2013 that our first baby was sent to heaven at only 8 weeks old – it was such a hard time to get through – but I know God doesn’t give us an obstacle that we can’t overcome.  But since I had experienced a Partial Molar Pregnancy, unfortunately, I couldn’t try to get pregnant again right away. I had to go through monthly blood tests to make sure my hormone levels got to where they should be to prevent cancer from forming in my uterus. It was the hardest 6 months to have to be reminded of what we had gone through once a month when I went for my tests… but it was worth it in the end to have a 100% clean bill of health and the ability to try to grow our family once again!

Since, ideally, with a wedding photographers schedule, a winter baby would be best, we were so VERY lucky to get pregnant and will be expecting our miracle baby on December 12th, 2014. I was so filled with worry during the first few months, that we didn’t actually announce our pregnancy to family and friends until I was through our first trimester.  We didn’t want to take that chance – just in case. And now, a few weeks later, we’re excited to share our story with the world!


The hardest part now is to stop myself from stressing out over everything – but mostly stressing out over my very first baby – this photography business! Its been my baby for almost 6 1/2 years and has grown into something so amazing that I couldn’t have even imagined it when we first started back in 2008.  I worry about taking time off, I worry it will be too much time, but yet not enough time… but I know I have to stop worrying and stop stressing and realize what is most important… Being a loving and encouraging wife to the love of my life and being healthy and happy and a wonderful mother to our son.  Although it has been for the past 6+ years, this business can’t be put before my husband and child, and that is the scariest thing of all.  To let go of the reins a little bit and to start really living my life with the ones I love and not working the ones I love around my busy schedule.

*To my brides and grooms – no worries, you won’t see a difference in my response time or getting your photos back – I am pulling the reins back in different ways to help with post-processing and making my job at home much easier so that I can spend as much time with my family as I can!

I will be 21 weeks tomorrow and our baby is growing at a great pace and we can not wait to meet him!  Yes, you read that right…  Ryan and I will be expecting a beautiful, smart, rambunctious (I’m sure!), perfect little baby boy in December! We can’t wait to show him off to everyone, and I promise, although I’m sure I will be blogging about him, this blog will still be focused around weddings with a few more peeks into our personal lives along the way!  I can’t wait for you all to meet Rhys Thomas Garber this December!!


Also, thank you SO much to everyone who guessed what we were having on our fan page!!! Out of the 160+ guesses, 71 of those guesses were correct!!! And the winner of a free couples session is…. Katlyn Mogavero! Congratulations Katlyn!! Email us to set up a time for your session!!!