Carol & Giovanni
A Surprise Proposal while Ice Skating at the Blue Cross River Rink

There really isn’t anything quite like capturing a surprise proposal.  The joy. The happiness. The surprise. The raw moment that we get to capture in time. We love when we are contacted to capture such a memorable moment for a couple.  This moment has been well thought out and planned and there is such a build up of excitement and nervousness, and the fact that Giovanni wanted this moment frozen in time shows us how much he truly loves Carol!

It was Friday night, February 10th at the Blue Cross RiverRink on the Philadelphia Waterfront. We arrived early to just wander around the area in hopes that we’d just blend in with the surroundings and the other people at the rink.  We arrived to Giovanni and Carol playing a very competitive game of air hockey. We knew at that moment how much fun of a couple they were. They then went into the locker room to get their skates on, and Giovanni so sweetly tied Carols skates for her. They then snuggled by the heaters until it was time to skate. Then, well, take a look…

 Giovanni and Carol arrived early before the ice session and played a very competitive game of air hockey!  Tried to capture a few candids without Carol noticing!  That moment when you realize something life-changing is about to happen…  Because we don’t know what exactly was said in that moment… Instead, I will share what Giovanni wrote on Instagram about this moment and his amazing fiancé…

“I’m so lucky to have found my counterpart, my forever competitor in anything even resembling a game, my confidant, my motivation to be better, my fellow food and movie critic, my suntan lotion applicator, my personal singer/songwriter, the best (and worst) dancer, my best friend — all in one person.

She’s the most beautiful, smart, and funny woman i know, and she doesn’t even know it. she’s selfless and kind. she’s super talented, and good at everything she does. most importantly, she puts up with my crap (and let’s face it, i put up with hers lol). 

Yesterday i asked her to marry me, and after some short consideration, she said something along the lines of “yes!”

I can hardly contain my excitement. I am so grateful for the amazing outpouring of support we’ve already received.”

 This photo says it all! The excitement. The surprise. The joy. The LOVE.  As soon as Giovanni proposed, there was a roar of excitement and cheers and applause from the side of the rink of family members who were there to witness this awesome moment! And then Giovanni told Carol about US!!  She was so shocked! We love that she had no idea that we were there that entire time to specifically capture these moments for them!  Even more family was waiting by their personal cabin at the rink with Champagne, Congratulatory signs and lots of love and hugs and excitement!  Carols sister gushing over her beautiful engagement ring! Of course, we had to steal the newly engaged couple for a few photos before continuing the party!  After spending just a little bit of time with these two, you could tell that they were meant for one another.  The way they look at each other, the way they make each other laugh, the way he holds onto her, swoon!  They are perfect together!  Since Carol LOVES ice cream, we, of course, had to get a photo at the Franklin Fountain!   This is how you know how loved a couple is… Look at how many people came to support them and their love and this journey that they are about to take together!!!  This night was the first night in a new chapter of their love story!