Carly + Kevin!

Carly and her hubby Kevin are due with their first baby boy – Cole in about 5 weeks!  This is the perfect time to capture maternity photos!  We met up with them at their beautiful house in Medford Lakes, and got the opportunity to shoot in Cole’s nursery, their house and outside at the Lake!  We had a wonderful time getting to know Carly and Kevin and can’t wait to capture Cole when he arrives!!  Enjoy the sneak peek! xo

Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0001 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0002 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0003 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0005 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0010 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0011 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0013 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0016 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0021 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0022 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0024 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0025 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0029 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0033 Carly_Kevin_Medford_Lakes_Maternity-0034