Wedding Books!

When I came across Madera Books, I didnt have to look any further!  The company was brand new, created by a fellow wedding photographer – Michael Norwood! (Ryan and I even had the pleasure to personally work with him – he second shot our wedding!). He was able to create one of the most beautiful albums any wedding photographer could ask for!  Check them out for yourself!

Here is our 8×8, 8×10 and 11×14 stacked together!  The 11×14 seems to be our most popular!


Madera_Wedding_Books-0001The opening spread!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0002Love that they are lay-flat albums!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0003 Madera_Wedding_Books-0004All of our lovelies come with a photo of your choosing on the front!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0005You even have the option of imprinting on the cover or spine!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0006 Madera_Wedding_Books-0007 Madera_Wedding_Books-0008 Madera_Wedding_Books-0009I have a discrete black logo on the back of the front cover 🙂  Nothing too showy!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0010 Madera_Wedding_Books-0011 Madera_Wedding_Books-0012 Madera_Wedding_Books-0013 Madera_Wedding_Books-0014I absolutely love the Portrait Books!  We use these for engagement albums and guest books! The entire front cover is personalized with an image from your engagement!

Madera_Wedding_Books-0015 Madera_Wedding_Books-0016


The pages may be thinner than the leather albums, but just as beautiful!Madera_Wedding_Books-0017 Madera_Wedding_Books-0018 Madera_Wedding_Books-0019