Jesseca + Kyle!



Fast forward to July 22nd, 2011… this was the day that Jesseca and Kyle were going to see Tim McGraw in concert! Jesseca had just gotten home from work to her dog going a bit crazy and Kyle down on the floor.. She asked if he was okay, he said yes, so she turned around to put her things down and start getting ready.  When she turned back around, there was Kyle, on one knee, asking her to marry him!  According to Jesseca: “I was so nervous and shocked I asked if he was kidding before I blurted out yes!  He said no he wasn’t kidding and if I’d marry him already.” Haha! They then got to enjoy the rest of their night with their friends at the concert!

Jesseca and Kyle are both volunteer firefighters at their local fire station, so it was only right to start out session there!  From there we headed to Kyle’s godfathers house – he had a beautiful property with a private lake!  We had so much fun together that we cant wait to capture them again in May at their Running Deer Golf Club wedding!! Enjoy the sneak peek! xoJesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0001 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0002Love all the smiles!!

Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0004Boots + Boots!

Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0005 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0006 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0008 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0009I cant get enough of this one!!! All wrapped up together!

Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0012Seriously!  We had a blast shooting these two! They knew how to laugh and have fun and also how to just cuddle together and be romantic! 🙂

Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0019 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0020 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0021We had a perfect day!  Beautiful sunlight!

Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0022 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0026 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0030 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0031 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0033 Jesseca_Kyle_Collings_Lakes_Firehouse_Engagement-0035