Kimberly + Chris!


THey may not have gone on their first date until 4 months later, but they both knew the connection was there!  Although they’ve been together for a while now, the engagement was still a surprise to Kim!   On July 14th, 2012, they were strolling along the beach in North Wildwood waiting for the sun to rise.. Although they never did get to see the sun rise, I think something more wonderful happened!  At the moment that Chris dropped to his knee, three dolphins were swimming by! Kim loves Dolphins and everyone that knows me knows this is the part of the story I loved the most – being a dolphin lover myself!  Of course she said YES! And they will be beginning their happily ever after later this year at Scotland Run Golf Course!  But first, here is their engagement at the Camden Waterfront!  It may have been a bit chilly and windy, but I think we definitely made the most out of it and had a great time getting to know each other better!!  xoKimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0001 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0005 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0009 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0010Loved having their fur-baby Nova in some of the photos!!

Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0011 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0012 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0013I love the way he looks at her!

Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0015 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0017 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0019 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0020 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0021 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0023 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0024Of course we had to show some Phillies spirit!!

Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0028 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0031 Kimberly_Chris_Camden_Waterfront_Engagement-0033Kimberly + Chris, we cant wait to capture you again on your wedding day this September!!  So excited! xo