Jessica + Eric!

Jessica from Your Day Your Way  is no exception!  After meeting her back in early 2011, things just clicked with us and its been an absolute pleasure getting to know her over the past few years!  When I find out that a bride is using her for their hair and make-up I do a little giddy dance because I know that although my brides are all already gorgeous, Jess is going to go out of her way to make sure each of them are flawless! Her talent is pure artistry and perfection!

So, needless to say, when Jessica wanted to do a Trash the Dress down in Cape May, I jumped at the chance to capture her and her hubby Eric!  We started our time together at the always beautiful Congress Hall, the shops down Washington Street and then eventually made it to the beach where their little fur-babies Chico and Chanel made a little cameo!  They are the cutest little chihuahuas! And although a bit chilly… I was able to get these two lovebirds in the ocean! And it was so totally worth it!  Check it out!

Oh, the laughter… there was so much of that!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0001 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0002Work it!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0003Love the drama!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0004 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0005One of my favorites!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0008 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0009 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0010 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0011 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0012Jess, you are breathtaking!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0013 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0015The sunlight was just perfection!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0016Their adorable little family of 4!! 🙂

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0017 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0018 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0019 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0020 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0021Just perfect…

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0022 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0023 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0024 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0025Soooo worth it!!  Gorgeous!!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0027 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0028I cant even handle the fabulousness!!!

Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0030 Jessica_Eric_Cape_May_Trash_the_Dress_Favorites-0031Jess <3 Eric – thank you thank you thank you for letting us capture these photos for you!  Gosh, seeing you both together, you can just see how much you’re meant to be together! A little laughter and a little romance makes a perfect combination!   Hoping to hang out with you both again soon! xo