Kelly + Dan!


After 4 years together, Dan finally proposed to Kelly on December 20th, 2012!  Ever since they met, Kelly has wanted to go on a horse and carriage ride.  Every time they’d seen it in a movie or while in the city, she’d always tell Dan how much she wants to do it!  Well, Dan finally gave in and took Kelly into the city on a Thursday afternoon for their horse and carriage ride around Independence National Park – and as they were crossing over Walnut St… Dan turned to Kelly, got on one knee in the carriage (impressive!) and asked her to marry him!!  Of course she said Yes!!  So what better place to take their engagement photos than where it all happened!!  We absolutely adore these two and cant wait to capture their wedding next February!! Enjoy the sneak peek! xo
Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0001The laughter with these two was contagious!


Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0004Swoon <3

Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0005 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0006Since Dan is a Realtor, it only made sense that they incorporate that into their photos!!  LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0007 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0008 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0009<3

Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0010 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0012 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0013 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0014 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0016Standing at the intersection where it all happened!!

Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0017 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0018 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0019 Kelly_Dan_Independence_Hall_Old_City_Philadelphia_Engagement_Photography-0021And since they are huge Phillies fans, we had to incorporate a little baseball into it!


We had such a great time with you both!!!  Super excited to be a part of your wedding next year!!  Only 9 months to go!! xo