Renee + Clint!

Shortly after these two lovebirds started dating, Clint received a job promotion and moved down to Washington DC – but the distance didn’t stop them!  They commuted and saw each other often and about a year later, in October 2012, Renee moved down to DC to be with Clint!! Awh!!  And it wasn’t too much longer.. on the first day of winter to be exact.. December 21st.. that Renee came home from work to the Christmas lights on, candles lit and champagne – This is when Clint asked Renee to be his bride!! Swoon!

They chose to have their engagement session where it all began.. the Canton section of Baltimore, Maryland!  We took some photos in the park where they played kickball, then walked up the street to the bar where they started “talking”, walked by where Renee used to live and then ended our time along the water of the inner harbor right near where Clint used to live! 🙂  I am so thrilled to have these memories captured for a pretty awesome couple!  Cant wait to capture their wedding on the first day of summer next year at the Adventure Aquarium!  Enjoy the sneak peek! xoRenee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0004 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0001 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0006 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0008


The bar where their relationship began!  Sadly though, it is closed… So thankful we got photos here for them before the bar was gone for good…Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0012 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0018 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0021

Love the random alley-ways!Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0023 Perfect little stoop!Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0028 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0031 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0033 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0035 Absolutely adore these two together! They are a lot of fun and even a little goofy! 🙂Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0037 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0042 Renee-Clint-Canton-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor-Maryland-Engagement-Photography-0044