Robin + Matt!

Robin and Matt have been together for about 7 years.. Well, in November of last year, they took a trip to Disney for the Food + Wine Festival and to run the Disney Half Marathon!  These two love Disney, and it was actually their first trip together 6 years prior! So, while there, Matt led Robin on a scavenger hunt through the Magic Kingdom, and then last clue led her to the Rose Garden where they had taken their first picture while there 6 years ago!  It was at that moment, right in front of one of the Disney Camera people, that Matt got down on one knee and asked Robin to marry him!!  Swooooon!!!  Of course she said yes!!

We captured their engagement on a beautiful fall day!  The leaves are at the peak of their color change and surprisingly we had pretty warm weather for November!  Can’t wait to capture them again this summer at the Rams Head Inn!!  Enjoy! xoRobin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0001 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0002 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0004

<3 Love this one!Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0006 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0008 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0010 Throw leaves in the air and kiss!  One of my favorite things to have our brides and grooms do in the fall!!Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0012 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0013 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0014 The scavenger hunt cards!!!! Matt put so much love into it!Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0017 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0019

You can’t go to Collingswood without visiting the always fabulous Pop Shop!Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0020 Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0023 Love finishing up our time together with a milkshake!Robin-Matt-Knight-Park-Collingswood-NJ-Engagement_Photography-0024