Sweet 16 Birthday Photography!

On St. Patrick’s Day 2013, my cousin Meghan will be turning Sweet 16! I can not tell you how wonderful its been watching her grow up into the smart, mature and beautiful young lady she is today! I feel like just yesterday we were on a family vacation together in the Bahamas, both of us much younger, me babysitting her when our parents went out – and in a flash, its 8 years later, i’m a couple years shy of turning 30 and she is turning 16!  Its amazing how time flies! Meghan, make sure you cherish every moment – because yes, time does fly by, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced!  Happy Sweet 16 gorgeous girl! xo

Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0003She is an absolute natural 🙂

Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0020 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0021 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0043The freedom of being 16 again…

Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0071 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0074 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0083 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0090 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0097Since she was born on St. Patty’s Day, we had to bring some green to the party!

Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0112 Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0123And then before my eyes… she grew up…

Meghan_Sweet_16_Photography-0146Fierce! 🙂