A Surprise Proposal in Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing Waterfront

A Surprise Proposal in Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing Waterfront

A Surprise Proposal in Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing Waterfront

What is a photographers favorite thing to capture on Valentine’s Day?!  A Surprise Proposal in Philadelphia, of course!  So, when Drew reached out to us, telling us his plans to propose to his girlfriend, Taylor, we jumped at the chance to capture that moment!  They were traveling to the city, from Ohio, for the weekend, had a beautiful Valentine’s Dinner planned. Taylor had the idea to go to the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest afterwards!  So, we picked a spot along Penn’s Landing, laid out beautiful rose petals, and waited for them to walk by… You can see how it all played out below!

The Story of Drew & Taylor

Taylor and Drew met while they were both in school to become Physician’s Assistants.  While it is a rigorous program, which makes it tough to develop new relationships, Taylor was amount a group of 6 friends that Drew became very close with. The both of them spent a lot of time together, volunteering and giving back to their community. Then they started hanging out and studying together, separate from the group.

In the Spring of 2016, they both traveled down to Florida to visit family. Surprisingly enough, they happened to live only 15 minutes apart from one another! So, during their time in Florida, they went on a few dates, and this is where Drew discovered that Taylor was the ONE for him.

Fast forward to the end of August, when they became “official”, they were dubbed the “Power Couple” of their PA class!  Drew and Taylor graduated in 2017, moved in together in 2018, and both started jobs for University Hospitals!

So, it was a no brainer that Drew started to plan the most magical night for them both, while visiting Philadelphia for Valentine’s Day!

Drew & Taylor, we are so excited for the both of you, and were so honored to capture such an incredible moment in your lives! <3 We wish you so much love and happiness, always and forever! xo

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This is the moment that Drew told Taylor about us!

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A Surprise Proposal at a Couples New Home | Dana & McKinsey

A Surprise Proposal at a Couples New Home | Dana & McKinsey

McKinsey and Dana met in college. It wasn’t something that happened right away, McKinsey had to chase Dana for some time, but she eventually said yes to a date!  Their first date was definitely one for the books!  While on their way to dinner, after ice skating, Danas car was rear ended by a police car.  Even though it was not her fault, she was given a ticket, and could have easily ended the date right then and there.  However, she decided to go to dinner, and its been a crazy journey since!

There was a distinct moment that McKinsey knew he was going to propose to Dana.  While they were in California, he had just decided to take another position to further his career.  Dana helped him transition out of his first job after college and really pushed him to consider a third career change, as it set him up for future success.

Dana is afraid of heights.  However, sky diving was on her personal bucket list.  So, while in California, McKinsey pushed her to go sky diving – and she did!

Before her jump, that is the moment that McKinsey realized that they were exactly what each other needed in their lives!  To push one another to get out of their comfort zones and pursue what they really want in life.

While in downtown San Diego, the following day, he visited Brilliant Diamonds Fine Jewelers and placed a down payment on Dana’s engagement ring!  Ariel, the owner, helped him out, and he had a phenomenal experience purchasing the perfect ring for his future wife!

Fast forward to a few months ago, McKinsey contacted us through our mutual friend Rocco! (We captured Rocco proposing to his girlfriend last year in New York City!)  McKinsey told us about his idea to propose in the house that they are having built in Philadelphia.  But we had to go one step further, and since Dana loves The Bachelor, we got A Garden Party involved, and created the perfect Bachelor-themed set-up for their proposal!

Dana thought she was coming to their new home to go over the punch list and take some measurements.  Little did she know what was waiting in the front room of their future home!

Vendors Involved:

Florals & Rentals :: A Garden Party // Diamond Ring :: Brilliant Diamonds Fine Jewelers – San Diego, CA  

A Surprise Proposal while Ice Skating at the Blue Cross River Rink | Carol & Giovanni

A Surprise Proposal while Ice Skating at the Blue Cross River Rink | Carol & Giovanni

There really isn’t anything quite like capturing a surprise proposal.  The joy. The happiness. The surprise. The raw moment that we get to capture in time. We love when we are contacted to capture such a memorable moment for a couple.  This moment has been well thought out and planned and there is such a build up of excitement and nervousness, and the fact that Giovanni wanted this moment frozen in time shows us how much he truly loves Carol!

It was Friday night, February 10th at the Blue Cross RiverRink on the Philadelphia Waterfront. We arrived early to just wander around the area in hopes that we’d just blend in with the surroundings and the other people at the rink.  We arrived to Giovanni and Carol playing a very competitive game of air hockey. We knew at that moment how much fun of a couple they were. They then went into the locker room to get their skates on, and Giovanni so sweetly tied Carols skates for her. They then snuggled by the heaters until it was time to skate. Then, well, take a look…

 Giovanni and Carol arrived early before the ice session and played a very competitive game of air hockey!  Tried to capture a few candids without Carol noticing!  That moment when you realize something life-changing is about to happen…  Because we don’t know what exactly was said in that moment… Instead, I will share what Giovanni wrote on Instagram about this moment and his amazing fiancé…

“I’m so lucky to have found my counterpart, my forever competitor in anything even resembling a game, my confidant, my motivation to be better, my fellow food and movie critic, my suntan lotion applicator, my personal singer/songwriter, the best (and worst) dancer, my best friend — all in one person.

She’s the most beautiful, smart, and funny woman i know, and she doesn’t even know it. she’s selfless and kind. she’s super talented, and good at everything she does. most importantly, she puts up with my crap (and let’s face it, i put up with hers lol). 

Yesterday i asked her to marry me, and after some short consideration, she said something along the lines of “yes!”

I can hardly contain my excitement. I am so grateful for the amazing outpouring of support we’ve already received.”

 This photo says it all! The excitement. The surprise. The joy. The LOVE.  As soon as Giovanni proposed, there was a roar of excitement and cheers and applause from the side of the rink of family members who were there to witness this awesome moment! And then Giovanni told Carol about US!!  She was so shocked! We love that she had no idea that we were there that entire time to specifically capture these moments for them!  Even more family was waiting by their personal cabin at the rink with Champagne, Congratulatory signs and lots of love and hugs and excitement!  Carols sister gushing over her beautiful engagement ring! Of course, we had to steal the newly engaged couple for a few photos before continuing the party!  After spending just a little bit of time with these two, you could tell that they were meant for one another.  The way they look at each other, the way they make each other laugh, the way he holds onto her, swoon!  They are perfect together!  Since Carol LOVES ice cream, we, of course, had to get a photo at the Franklin Fountain!   This is how you know how loved a couple is… Look at how many people came to support them and their love and this journey that they are about to take together!!!  This night was the first night in a new chapter of their love story!

Surprise Proposal at Battery Park New York City

Surprise Proposal at Battery Park New York City

Ryan met Rocco many moons ago when they were both going to Rowan University and they have kept in touch ever since!  So, when Rocco confided in Ryan that he purchased an engagement ring for Kait, Ryan KNEW that I would want to be there – front and center capturing that moment!  So, for the past week, we have been planning the PROPOSAL around their upcoming trip to New York City, and with the help of A Garden Party Florist, we were able to pull everything off without a hitch!

Now, since Rocco graduated from Rowan, he has rocked the adult world and has moved his way up within one of my favorite places… Target! So, this big shot who runs his own stores just so happens to be able to thank said store for introducing him to Kait!  These two are so incredibly adorable together, and clearly meant to be!  The love and laughter and joy is so refreshing!  We could not be happier for a more perfect couple (and their fur-daughter Sage!!)

Congratulations Rocco and Kait!!  It was an honor capturing this moment in your unbreakable love story! <3 xoRocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0001 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0004 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0006 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0009 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0010 So, funny story… as Rocco and Kait are walking up, Kait was thinking “Awh…thats sad”… Why you may ask?  Well, when she saw the flower petals, she thought that there was a memorial set up for someone who died… Well, that is until she realized the photos were of the two of them!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0012 Rocco pointing to a burlap scroll that was placed out, from their pup Sage…Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0017 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0018 The scroll read “Will you marry my Dad? Love, Sage”Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0022 I started to tear up as soon as he started to get down on one knee!!! Eeeeeeeeee!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0025 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0031 Her reaction is PRICELESS!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0035 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0036 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0043 So excited!!!!!!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0048 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0055 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0061 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0068 Gotta have some champagne to celebrate!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0079 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0090 That ring! My heart! Rocco did GOOD!!!! <3Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0091 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0093 All the laughter!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0094 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0097 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0100 A few obligatory photos after she said YES!!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0102 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0107 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0109 Love this one!!Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0116 Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0117 … and then they were off… because Rocco being the sweet fiancé that he is, had a limo waiting for them at the hotel to take them home!! <3  Congratulations you two!  We could not be more thrilled/honored/flattered/etc to have been a part of such a special moment!  Cant wait to capture more of these moments in the future for you!  Love you!! <3Rocco-Kait-New-York-City-Battery-Park-Proposal-Surprise-0123

Gary + Emily!

Gary + Emily!

We started planning our summer vacation together a while back, and throughout the planning process he mentioned he may want to propose to his girlfriend Emily.  So, we decided to plan our vacation during their one year anniversary! I got rather excited, so as soon as he mentioned it, I knew I wanted to photograph it and have Ryan video it!  So, the months leading up to it, we went ring “shopping”, I helped him to create a beautiful book of memories of their first year together, (basically to use as a decoy – that this was her gift) and on the very last page of the book, he asked her to Marry Him!! (Shout out to Madera Books for such a beautiful memory book!! LOVE it!!)

The days leading up to our vacation were so exciting – getting everything ready, planning when and where Gary would ask her… etc!  It was so hard to keep the secret, but of course I did, because I couldnt wait to see her reaction!! On the day we arrived, we mapped out where it would take place, right at sunset… Swoon!  So, when the time came, it was perfect… there were a bunch of people on the beach watching baby turtles being hatched, so after we found a quiet area on the beach, Ryan and I said we were going to take photos of the turtles… Little did Emily know that we were actually just getting far enough away from them for Gary to do his thing!  I am soo excited that Emily said YES!  and even more excited that she is going to be my new sister!

I am so incredibly happy for the two of them!  Happy they found each other, that they truly complete one another and the love/friendship between them is just perfect!  From buying their first home together next month, to getting married in Spring of 2015, I am so proud of my little brother and could not be more excited to have gotten to be such a big part of the beginning of their happily ever after!!  Gary + Em, we love you both, and hope you love all the memories we were able to capture for you!! xo


First photo after arriving in Cancun!Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0002The view from our hotel rooms!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0003That night, at sunset, is when it all went down!  Here is Emily looking through the album!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0004As she turned to the last page, Gary kissed her, and got down on one knee…

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0006 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0009Love love love!!!  She said YES!!!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0010Look at that smile!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0012 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0014This is the part where we got yelled at!!  Haha!  We were “tricksters” according to Em for being so sneaky!! 🙂  Totally worth it!!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0016 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0018 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0021 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0026The ring is so perfect!  My brother did a great job!!


The book!!Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0028A toast to the newly engaged couple!!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0030And the next night, we were able to capture their engagement photo session at the resort!! 🙂

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0031 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0032Seriously, I love these two together! I’ve never seen my brother so happy before! And that is not an exaggeration!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0034 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0036 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0038 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0040 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0041 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0042 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0043Oh Em, you are going to make an absolutely beautiful bride!!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0045 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0046Of course we had them get into the fountain! 🙂

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0049And then down to the beach where all the magic happened the night before…

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0052 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0053 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0055 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0056 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0057Yes, I even bought a cute sign!  LOVE!!

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0059 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0060 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0062Sunset the morning we left beautiful Mexico…

Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0066 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0067 Gary-Emily-Surprise-Engagement-Proposal-Riviera-Maya-Cancun-Mexico=Destination-Engagement-Photography-0068One last photo before we boarded the plane to come home… You love their shirts, RIGHT?!  C’mon, I couldnt help myself!! 🙂



Below, is the video of Gary + Emily’s journey to/during Mexico and their beautiful proposal!!!  Enjoy!! xo

Song: “Marry Me” by Train

This is the song that I used to walk down the aisle to Ryan! <3 <3

Brendon + Anna!

Brendon + Anna!

Brendon and Anna were actually dated back in high school, but went their separate ways once they went away to college because of the long distance thing.  Well, in 2010, Brendon and Anna both moved back to New Jersey… Anna from North Dakota and Brendon from Delaware… during the same exact weekend!  They weren’t really sure how to be around each other at first, but all the feelings eventually came back, and they’ve been together ever since!  I guess when its meant to be, its meant to be, and you’ll find your way back to the person you’re truly meant to be with!

We are soooo happy for Brendon + Anna and thrilled that we were able to capture this special moment in their lives!  Enjoy the sneak peek! xoxo

Check out that look on his face! Love it!  We knew it was coming at that point! 🙂Anna was soooo excited!!!!Putting the bling on!!Its at this point that Brendon pointed me out hiding behind a tree, and Ryan captured her reaction!!Check out those smiles!!!!  Soooo happy for them!!She couldn’t stop looking at her ring!  It was absolutely perfect!And of course we had some celebratory drinks with the newly engaged couple!!!  Congrats Brendon + Anna!! xo